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My approach to painting is to use it, like a prosthetic, to apprehend the world. Painting shapes your consciousness; there is nothing else like it for developing, moulding, and pushing potentials of ideas.The paintings are often populated by post-humanoids that I like to call ‘Stooges’. These Stooges are generally in some sort of predicament: teetering on floating platforms, fighting with peculiar machines or having a malfunction of some kind. These narratives act as a spring board into the work – but often disappear as painting progresses.

I am attempting to create images that are humorous, responsive, critical and aloof. My intention is that people ‘watch’ them, as if they will move when your head is turned.


I was born in 1978 in south-west London, I now live and work in Hull, East Yorkshire.Whilst work in my studio is central, I also work on collaborative projects, with other artists, galleries and educational organisations. I enjoy this process, as it provides opportunities to see how ideas plug in, and develop through interactions with larger groups.

I am a founding member of Feral Art School; an organisation that supports artists’ development, whatever ones ability or background. I am Art Editor of ‘Etc;’ the Journal of the Institute of General Semantics. Selected solo exhibitions include ‘Extensions’ (2021 Visual arts centre, 2013) and ‘Ideas/Matter’ (Kag Gallery, 2014) and I have presented work at The Institute of General Semantics (New York) and the Media Ecology Association (Bologna).