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Dom Heffer - studioMy approach to painting is to use it, like a prosthetic, to apprehend the World.

Painting shapes your consciousness; there is nothing else like it for developing, moulding, and pushing ideas.

Many things inform my research; historic events, communications technologies, semantics, cinema etc;

The paintings are usually populated by pseudo-beings that I like to call ‘Stooges’. These stooges are often in a predicament: teetering on floating platforms, fighting with peculiar machines or having an existential crisis.

Narrative acts as a spring board into painting – but the story is often left behind as the act of painting takes over. As a result, the paintings have a self reflective character;  narrative glimpses weave with painterly construction.

In a nutshell – I am attempting to create images that are humorous, responsive, critical and aloof. My intention is that viewers will ‘watch’ them, as if they will move when your head is turned.

I have worked with many arts and research organisations, some of which include 2021 Visual arts centre (Lincolnshire) Institute of General Semantics (New York) Media Ecology Association (Bologna) Estate of Francis Bacon (London) UK City of Culture (Hull 2017) , Feral Art School (Hull) and ‘Rethinking Civil Society’ (University of York)

Dom Heffer CV