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My approach to painting is to use it, like a prosthetic, to apprehend the World.

Painting shapes your consciousness; there is nothing else like it for developing, moulding, and pushing ideas.

Many things inform my research; historic events, communications technologies, semantics, cinema etc;

The paintings are often populated by pseudo-beings that I like to call ‘Stooges’. These stooges are generally in some sort of predicament: teetering on floating platforms, fighting with peculiar machines or having an existential crisis.

Narrative acts as a spring board into painting – but the story is often fractured as the act of painting progresses; so that  narrative glimpses poke through areas of painterly celebration.

In a nutshell – I am attempting to create images that are humorous, responsive, critical and aloof. My intention is that viewers will ‘watch’ them, as if they will move when your head is turned.


I was born in 1978 on the outskirts of south-west London, and moved to Hull, where I am still based, to study fine art in 2001.

In addition to studio practice, I regularly work on education and engagement projects, working with other artists, museums and schools. This is an essential part of my work, and provides opportunities to see how ideas ‘plug in’ to broader social contexts.

I am a founding member of Feral Art School; an artist led organisation which supports artists’ development in the region whatever their ability or background. Recently, I have been appointed as artistic Editor of ‘Etc;’ the Journal of the Institute of General Semantics, a New York based research organisation, set up in 1933. Their founder, Alfred Korzybski, believed that alot of our human problems resulted from our missuse of symbols and language, and this idea fascinates me as a visual thinker.

Selected solo exhibitions include ‘Extensions’ (2021 Visual arts centre, 2013) and ‘Ideas/Matter’ (Kag Gallery, 2014) – for which I was awarded an Arts council research and development grant. I was shortlisted for the Woolgather Art prize in 2012 and have presented work at numerous academic conferences including; Institute of General Semantics (New York) and the Media Ecology Association (Bologna).