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Play, Plato, Play dough text

‘Play, Plato, Play dough’ is a kinetic essay that uses film elements as a series of ‘interludes’ which loosely illustrate ideas explored in the text. The interludes depict imagined scenes such as artist Naim June Paik escaping a funhouse, a playful re-adaption of a Plato’s cave and an attempt to re-construct the game ‘Mouse trap’.The work was presented at:

The Seventeenth Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association:

“Interfaces of Play and Game”, June 2016, University of Bologna – Bologna, Italy:

The University of Bologna, Italy, brings the Media Ecology Association to Europe for the first time and host the 17th Annual Convention in Bologna on June 23-26, 2016. Considered the oldest university in the Western world, the University of Bologna provides a welcoming setting, inviting scholars, professionals, and interested people to attend from different fields, as well as from different nations.

Playing with Johan Huizinga’s idea that game and play are older than culture, we seek to recall the multifaceted symbolic dimensions embedded by these very terms: at its roots, the word game means participation, communion, and people together; similarly, the word play introduces the ideas of cultivating, taking care of, and performing. Therefore interfaces of play and game engage us in a plurality of explorations, all placing media and media environments at the core.

bolognaFaculty of culture and History, University of Bologna, Italy

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